A darker-than-usual night in NYC, a jogger is out running on the Throgs Neck bridge. She happens upon a shocking sight... a car, mangled beyond recognition into a tangled mass of metal, screams coming from the driver's seat. She manages to pull a middle-aged man from the rubble, slightly bruised but still able to move. The man introduces himself as B.D., and pleads with the jogger to not alert the authorities to his presence. The adventurous Yvonne reluctantly agrees to help him out and provide him with a place to rest, but on the way across the bridge to her apartment, B.D. is swamped with strange hallucinations....

Kikan is a traditional role-playing game for MegaZeux, designed and conceptualized by Luke Drelick over the course of 3 years. Lots of effort was put forth in bringing you this game, so please download, enjoy, and comment!

  • A dark, mature story about one man's struggle to overcome his drug addiction
  • 8-10 hours of classic RPG gameplay
  • Judgement Line battle system which introduces an active, timing-based element into traditional turn-based combat
  • Classic RPG features like status effects, elemental weaknesses, buffs/debuffs, and dialogue trees
  • Many unique items to find and spells to learn
  • Fun and challenging puzzles
  • Unique electronic music soundtrack
  • Stylish retro graphics

  • (May need to right click/save as to get to work)

    Please note that this game requires MegaZeux to run. Click here to download MegaZeux 2.84c. To play Kikan, first launch MegaZeux, and then navigate to the directory where you unzipped Kikan into, and load the "KIKAN.MZX" file. Then, press the P key to play. It is recommended that you glance at the tutorial or read kikan.txt, which is included in the ZIP file.

    Title Screen

    Venturing around Co-Op City

    Map of the 5 Boroughs of NYC

    Status Screen

    Battling in the junkyard

    Standing in front of the Towers

    Battling a particularly nasty boss

    Wandering around an underwater military base

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